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Willow Chang: the multi talented dancer

 "Passion is rarely a choice, but A Calling”- Willow Chang

For Willow, the delicate balance of multiple interests has been a blessing and a calling. Inspired by the ideals and values of the Renaissance person, she strives daily to integrate classic and innovative approaches to various disciplines, which span performing and applied arts, design, teaching, public speaking, event producing, writing, spiritual insight and even philosophy.

Through methodical and holistic ways, she incorporates the wisdom of master teachers, continued discipline, ferocious reading, cultivation of sacred practice, annual global travel, nurturing new and old friendships and continued analysis of these relationships – to discover how they inspire the creative process.

For dance audiences worldwide, Willow fuses scholarly devotion with emotional, dramatic presentation to give performances that take ones breath away. Whether performing a traditional raks baladi, or retelling ancient myths through original contemporary dance, or elegantly pushing the boundaries of fusion dance forms, Willow connects with audiences, moving and amazing them.

For music fans, Willow shares her passion, artistic diversity and musicality, all evident in her generation spanning song selections. She seamlessly marries American Songbook and Jazz standards with contemporary cabaret, creating intimate and genuine audience rapport. With her stage presence, comedic timing—and an occasional jazzy kazoo solo, she creates an unforgettable experience.

For students, Willow makes the world of dance accessible to everyone, regardless of style. She shares the traditions and theories that give meaning to the movements and cultures of World Dance. Creating a supportive, nonjudgmental learning environment to help them become their best, she employs multiple approaches to teaching. Accepting her students as they are, she helps them improve physically and spiritually through the discipline of dance in a way that is comfortable for them.

For the dancers in her companies Jasmine Revolution and SANGHA Dance Theater, Willow leads with compassion, choreographs with imagination and innovation and creates unforgettable performances for her dancers and audiences alike.

As a producer, Willow creates artistic events that are rooted in tradition and are equally committed to innovation. She’s frequently called upon for collaborations and theme development for unique programs. Passport Productions sponsors world-class performers’ events, The Global Dance Café showcase and annual PUJA Dance Concert have created an artistic community that’s both local and global.

For other clients, Willow brings a wealth of training and experience including:

•Designing and hand-sewing unique couture costumes and clothing
•Consulting and advising on matters of style, fashion and personal communication
•Choreographing musical theatre and dance productions
•Starring in community service and educational productions
•Public speaking and emcee appearances, including lectures and demonstrations
Willow looks forward to meeting you and sharing her experiences!
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