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Alla Kushnir, the acclaimed Ukrainian belly dancer

Alla Kushnir is a famous and acclaimed Ukrainian belly dancer, Choreographer, Festival and Performance organizer. She is characterized as a very explosive and spectacular dancer who has been finalist of Ukraine TV-show “Ukraine gots Talent”,  LBC Belly Dance World Championship “Hezzi Ya Nawaim” and many time in diverse world championships of belly dance.
Alla Kushnir is engaged in dances since the childhood. She studied at specialized school of applied arts and crafts. At the beginning of dancing career Alla did not experience the predilection for any certain direction in dance, therefore is engaged in ball and folk, and variety dances, and took active part in various competitions of amateur performance.

After leaving school she entered the Law Academy and decided not to link her life with dance. However, on the second year Alla casually saw the belly dance on TV. This programme changed all her life. She decided to be engaged in the east dances and as for that time in Nikolayev there were no teachers, Alla began to study belly dance by herself. She visited numerous seminars in different cities of Russia and Ukraine.

For today Alla Kushnir is the finalist and the prize-winner of such prestigious competitions as: the Open championship of St.-Petersburg, the World championship in Moscow, a bronze prize-winner of the Lebanese TV project "Hezzi Ya Nawaim" 2008, the winner of the Berlin festival on east dance «Oriental Bazar". At the first all-Ukrainian festival of east dance "Bastet" Alla received the offer from the well-known ballet master Vadim Pisarev to participate in his production of «A Thousand and One nights». Vivid and arresting to all the Ukrainians finalist of TV show “Ukraine gots Talent” The presenter of TV program "East dances with Alla Kushnir" on Maxxi TV.

Alla Kushnir invites everyone to join the exciting and mysterious world of the East in her studio of east dance. According to Alla, east dance not only reflects life, it helps to reveal the inner world of a dancer, her attitude to life. In the East there is an ancient proverb that opens the wholel essence of east dances: «the Woman dances like she loves, and loves like dances».

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